A ficticious course in how to counter rape defense . Offered to rapists who keep getting beat by their selected victims .
Yea , i'm taking that rape prevention prevention course ' , Back in the day , things were so much easier
by namaste neil March 22, 2011
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Has the same meaning as preventable, but used only when too stupid to know the proper suffix
"Jock, why are you crying?"
"I got an F on my exam just for I used preventible instead of preventable"
by Big mouth prick February 23, 2018
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Used mostly in YouTube Poops where a video may only be a few seconds long. Cut-off prevention is a way of adding a few seconds to a video in order to prevent the YouTube player from breaking and not playing a video in its entirety.

Usually placed at the end of a video, cut-off prevention is a way of ensuring that the vie
Tard#1: The retard didn't even use any cutoff prevention. I can't watch the video.

Jack#2: lulz
by Bacender.. April 11, 2010
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VERB. Masturbating so as to prevent wet dreams and/or untimely hard ons.
Dude, I can't believe you had a wet dream last night! You really should start using preventative masturbation.
by batman1234567654321 April 05, 2010
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A chain of events that prevents you from accomplishing anything important.
Billy: "Did you do the paper for history last night?"

Edwards: "Well, I started it but then Jimmy showed up with a twelve and showed me some videos online and... long story short, I didn't get it done because of the unexpected chain of prevents."
by Antrock February 25, 2010
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