calling or sitting out sick from work, after parting or drinking "Way" too much.
Steve got so wasted last night, he pulled a drunk out
by dmccowan February 24, 2008
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The stage in night of drinking, where you cannot drink anymore. Like passed-out, but your eyes are open.
It was a little boring that my friend drunked-out around 11:30; we had to get a cab and call it a night before 2am.
by direhawk December 23, 2012
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Drunk beyond all belief, to be drunker than you have ever been.
Remember that time when fredo got mowed out drunk and fucked that stripper at Lollypops?

Yea man, he was really mowed out drunk!
by bike week 69 March 7, 2010
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When you get really drunk at night & then wake up and start drinking and telling embellished stories that fill in the parts of the night you don't remember - thus whiting them out and writing in whatever's funny.
HungoverNikon: Dude, we drank a lot of developer last night, eh?
HungoverbutnowrewastedCanon: Yeah, I guess. I've had about five pints this morning. How'd you develop last night?
HungoverNikon: A bunch of rad longshots of the X-Games & some underwater stuff diving off Catalina.
HungoverbutnowrewastedCanon: Oh dude, I started out with some nude test shots & then I got really dosed. I had NBA sequences that A_tiba shot, K_ston sequences that A_tiba shot, & some N_SC_R stills that A_tiba shot, no big deal. I also got news that I'm shipping to NY for a job T_rry's shooting of KM... but like I said no big deal.
HungoverNikon: Sounds like you were white out drunk
by bbq_ringworm September 26, 2012
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A level of drunk that can only be achieved by Icelandic truckers, teenage Sports reporters and varied Jewish celebrities.
"Oh man Bryce was so nude, he must have been drunk-the-fuck-out."
by Mount Royal Journalism April 7, 2010
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When you are so drunk that you pull your dick and out start walking around the party.
Did you see Chris McWilly! He's dick out drunk and is showing the boys!
by swifty0282 January 28, 2023
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