being positive about a person's abilities.
I like to encourage others to reach their goals.
by DynamicDimensionsDame March 22, 2018
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noun, 1. light positive motivation intended to promote advancement

2. abrupt intimate (sometimes borderline sexual) contact intended to promote enthusiasm--usually very inappropriate, see Salvadore in the film Couples Retreat for reference
The girl's grades were failing, so her friends decided to take her out to eat as encouragement.

In the aerobics class, the all-testosterone instructor went around squeezing girls' hips, giving backrubs, and firm pats on their lower backs as encouragement.
by Xiao Fang July 9, 2010
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someone who encourages weight gain in his partner. Usually used in the gay male community. Usually tries to find a gainer, another male who is sexually aroused at getting fat, to fatten up.
Tom is an encourager and really enjoyed seeing his boyfriend get fatter and fatter. (not my website but an example of a website created by an encourager)
by Andy5522 February 18, 2009
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Able to be encouraged.
Kieran preaches fiscal conservatism but if you add women and booze into the equasion he's usually highly encouragable.

Paul's innate encouragability will be all the more noticeable when he is faced with Melbourne's temptations.

Steph: Rob why is there malibu smelling vomit on my wall? You said you were going to have a quiet night!
Rob: What can I say? I'm encouragable.
by PaulGrant January 16, 2011
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The friend in the group that encourages Sexual acts amongst a group of friends
Jack: Truth or Dare?
Jess: Dare
Jack: Suck my off
Jess: ewww no
The Encourager: Do it no balls
Jess: Ok
by HunerCustom July 19, 2018
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Melmacian Mating Season.
How Melmacians Having An Encourage?
by MayDayMeh June 13, 2018
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