A term used to tell your buddies what's goin down, without telling them the entire story, which will be described in detail at a later date.
"Hey Garrett, where did you run off to before class today? You were like 30 minutes late and the teacher got pissed...."

"I just had to run some errands"

"I see.....i hope you made sure that cute clerk at Vons properly bag your polish sausage"
by cali_blake December 5, 2007
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Something parents say when they will be gone for a long time.

(ex:They go and hang out with someone for 3 hours and then go to the store for 1 hour)
I'll be back soon hun I have to run an errand!
by Kenxiexo December 20, 2016
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Noun. An expedition involving the acquisition of some good, usually perceived as essential, when in fact completely unnecessary. Because errands involve a component of travel, they are often confused for a leisure activity. From the root, errant, aimless.
by SkippyD1 April 22, 2006
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Running mindless errands for those that could easily do it themselves, but find you an easy target to manipulate to do their deed.
Link -- You are an Errand Bitch. Pour my drink, send my mail, and save my daughter.
by kidthatisn'tanerrandbitch June 13, 2012
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The word errand is most commonly used in the sense of a short journey taken to perform some necessary duty.
to run errands -taking or fetching clothes from the cleaners; taking mail to the post office; filling the car with fuel, taking sacks of leaves to the compost center, etc.
by barkip September 19, 2012
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A man who is in the lowest rank of an organization/group and always doing chores for someone (especially a girl)
by Weiamoment March 26, 2018
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