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An Outsider, usually a new kid at school who will follow the popular friend groups around without actually being one of them. The Friend group actually hate the Latcher and the best thing they can do is to tell him to go away and never latch on again. The Latcher usually comes from a background where they have been ignored by parents, peers and everyone else in society. Therefore they cling onto anyone they can find, rather like a parasite or a leech. It would be fair to call a Latcher a leech.
Cool Kid: Come on lads, let's play some footie!
Barnett (example of a Latcher) follows them without being invited
Woke cool kid: Oi what are you doing you Latcher? Go back to the toilet where the rest of you pond scum reside.
by Phil Mi Groin April 18, 2018
Someone not in a group of friends who tries to become one of them by following them around all the time. The group of Friends hate the Latcher but are sometimes too afraid to say it to his face so he continues to latch onto them. It is important to ignore the Latcher, also known as a Leech and hope for him to go away. If you notice a Latcher tagging along then it is easier to ditch him earlier rather than later. The worst Latcher known to man is Adam Barnett.
Tom: Lads lets go and play footie
(Latcher i.e. Adam Barnett follows them to the field)
by Phil Mi Groin April 16, 2018
Grassijis are ultimate pussys made from the accumulation of all the weakest genetics from history, and they are massive Incels and a probable genetic dead ends. Whilst they are smart and get good exam results, they are constantly rejected by complete munters, and have been known to be rejected by the same girl several times without ever learning their lessons (that girls don't dig em). The 'Grass' part of the term is due to the fact that Grassijis often tell the teachers on others for calling them names or making fun of them online. Grassijis are the natural enemies to {MattNs due to the fact that they are polar opposites. MattN)s are ChadPreets but Grassijis are eternal virgins. MattNs are popular but Grassijis are not. MattNs are hard, but Grassijis are very weak and fragile, and have been known to cry after being slapped, or even something as mild as being called gay. Grassijis are prone to lashing out at random moments, even though they don't have the strength to actually cause pain to the recipient of their outburst. It has been known that Grassijis have attacked people but ended up on the floor within a few seconds of swinging at their opponent, making them look like nobs to their surrounding peers, causing them to be alienated.
Random guy 1: Holy cow, look at that virgin having a tantrum
Random guy 2: It seems that he is on the blob
Random guy 1: Probs, but it could just be that he was rejected. For the 5th time by the same girl!
Random guy 1: Geez, I've seen him get slapped before and he cried lol
Random guy 2: For a 15 year old, he is acting 14 years too young
Grassiji: Stop making fun of me! I'm going to tell the teacher and then go home and play E sports because I am an athlete!
Random guy 1: Oh shut up you Grassiji!
by Phil Mi Groin December 7, 2018
Not the Infowars dude. Ajoneses are obese nobs who walk around disrespecting and purposely shoulder barging those in the years above, which is a sign of their severe lack of respect. AJoneses are complete Betas but they pretend to be hard, but in reality they have no friends and exist for the sole purpose of being massive pricks. If the parents of AJonses could see what their children would grow up to be, they would go and buy a pack of extra thick condoms right away in order to prevent the births of such degenerates into the world.
Random guy 1: What the hell? That human chode just barged into me
Random guy 2: Yes, he is such an AJones, everyone hates him. I have never seen him with a friend; he just loiters around the corridors and assaults people
Random guy 1: What a prick!
by Phil Mi Groin December 7, 2018
A MattN is someone who used to be a complete nerd with a promising future ahead of himself, who used to achieve high marks in class tests and end of year exams, but fast forward a few years and he has become a complete self Dragger who is set to fail his GCSE exams, and who is a complete alcoholic. Notable actions performed by MattyNs include flipping soy boys over their shoulders into desks, punching degenerates who assault them, being a GAF beast and most of all being an absolute ChadPreet who gets a ton of birds. Low T Incels (who get rejected by the same girl over 8 times lol) are jealous of the successes of MattNs on the bird market, so they disrespect them and then cry when they are slapped in the face like the genetic dead ends that they are. Whilst they may no longer be hard studying nerds, MattNs certainly greatly increase their popularity, and transform themselves from loosers into players. Some 'small men' may say that MattNs have no respect for anyone, but just remember that these people failed in their lives and had to peruse easier careers whilst their peers got the jobs that they weren't good enough to achieve.
Random guy 1: Why does he have to be so much better than me at everything? Why have I been denied by the same girl eight times with no step closer? Why am I a complete Incel? Why does he get so many girls and I get none? Why is he such a ChadPreet and I am a failure?
Random guy 2: Shut up you complete soy boy! Stop complaining about the sucesses of MattNs and do something other than complaining.
by Phil Mi Groin December 6, 2018
A skinny kid who likes to taunt his victims by shoving them and then running away. A Ducky is a fast runner with stamina so when you get out of breath he comes back and shoves you again, but when/if caught he is easily defeated because of his skeleton like build. If caught by a teacher at school a Ducky will simply say it was a game of tag and can weasel out of any punishment. Duckys also likes taking the mick out of people with strange shaped heads. A Ducky is also a player and can pull fit birds with ease, therefore Ducky is an absolute legend and a great guy as long as you stay on his good side.
J: Damn, that skinny guy keeps shoving me and running
Harry: He just said that my head looks like a teste!

Will: Yeah, but look over there, his bird is fit
J: Classic example of a Ducky!
by Phil Mi Groin June 28, 2018
the more scientific term referring to a Breath house, a male with breath which acts like acid on its victims, causing the watering of eyes and the prolonged decay of flesh. Halitosis houses also cause a degree of harm to themselves, which can lead to them decaying from the inside out, leading to even more severe bad breath, which serves to alienate them from the rest of civilized society. The breath smells like raw sewerage mixed with rotting flesh and dog chod.
Guy 1: geez, that guy's breath stinks of rotting zombie flesh
Guy 2: I know, William has had severe Halitosis for several years, due to an overconsumption of flesh and not enough toothpaste and mouth wash!
Guy 3: He is a Halitosis house, but his sister is peng bro, NGL
by Phil Mi Groin November 27, 2018