at a bar/bat mitzvah u wuld say congratulations to the person being bAR/BAT mitzvahed "Mazel tov!"
by blah BLAH blah June 8, 2003
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Congratulations. Often used in a jocular or sarcastic manner.
1. Becky: "It's my birthday today."
Moe: "Mazel tov."

2. Moe: "I just failed my chem paper."
Becky: "Mazel tov. Good luck getting into uni."
by Diacetylm0rphine February 13, 2010
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What jews say when they're about to come.
Zona: Oh, Sarsur. Stick your muzion in my okhel!
Sarsur: Ah yes! I shall thrust my makolet in your darkon! Oh, wait, wait, uh MAZEL TOV!
by dirtybeandip January 8, 2012
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a phrase used by jewish children in christian schools to piss off devout people.
*teacher looks at Bob* "Bob, you failed again." *Jewish kid in corner says* "Mazel Tov, Bob!!!!"
by Malekhamoves March 15, 2004
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"Ellyn, may I have a mazeltov?"
"UGH, fine. here."

"Nicole, may I have a mazel tov?"
"What's a mazel tov? I don't know spanish."
by rainynights447 July 12, 2005
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i.e. getting one-upped by someone

Me: Hey guess what I got a new LG env touch phone
One-upper guy: yeah well I just bought the new Google phone and it's better than the iPhone
Me: mazel tov, bitch.
by I am a happy guy September 14, 2009
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When you bust and she keeps sucking until you're limp like a lo mein noodle in soup
Dave: dude I heard becky sucked you off last night
Pablo: yeah she gave me a Manhattan mazel tov
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