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GSCEs basically stressing out student because if they don't pass their GCSEs they would have fucked up their life and their existence. As to get into a good college I need to good GSCES grades and if u aren't in a good collage u can't get into a good university and then get a job to earn u money so basically DON'T FUCK UP YOUR GCSEs no pressure
Shit I messed up my GCSES
I need to revise for my science GCSEs
by Mexico 2.0 March 05, 2017
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despite taking sats in year 9, uk students are required to waste all of year ten and eleven doing a GCSE course - not having fun or doing anything else with their free time but revising for exams as well as doing even longer and boring exams spread over lesson time and free time in the form of whats known as coursework. after taking GCSE's, you would think that its over, but then you have to take AS/A levels to (for the third time) show your capabilities whilst wasting more time and doing more work. then you go off and do something else which involves more work etc etc
person001: wanna come to a party
person002: nope sorry i got GCSE coursework/revision
person001: have you ever NOT had a constant stream of overdue coursework/revision in the last 2 years?
person001: nope, and for years to come.

by blablablablablabla February 11, 2007
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Courses that all UK teenagers are required to complete. Can be in subjects of choice, though Maths, Science, English and a foreign language are compulsory.

Most 14-16 year olds will either disregard their educational obligations completely, or stress themselves out so much that they are incapable of enjoying the supposedly 'best years' of their lives.

I have the good fortune to be one of the blessed people who trudge along, painfully completing coursework and grudgingly sit mock exams - and still manage to have some sort of a life.
"fuck! my GCSE'S are next month and I've spent most of my time flicking through NME and downloading porn!'
by Apostrophe Loon November 21, 2004
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A complete waste of time. Why should I spend 10 hours a day revising for one piece of paper. And why shoud one piece of paper define my life.
person a:Name the most boring/useless thing
perosn b :Gcse
by redfg April 17, 2019
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Teenagers subjected to GCSE's are forced to waste their Secondary School lives working for something which ultimately benefits their school more than themeselves, hence the term "enslavement". Enslavement is also used to signify the lack of any real choice in the matter, since it is forced on the adolescents, many of whom would far rather watch porn and sniff glue.
by king me June 04, 2005
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Exams that all UK students are demanded to take. They're not fun and are veryboring, just like a pop concert.
Shit - I really screwed up my maths GCSE.
by Nudger January 11, 2004
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