On December 23, you must cease all arguments, memes and conversations about furries. This ropes in anti furries, too

Seriously just shut the fuck up about beating furries or being a furry and partaking in these god awful days
"ewww furry art, go kys"

"Careful, you aren't allowed to talk about furries on Shut the Fuck Up About Furries Seriously Just Shut the Fuck Up day"
by anonynonmous December 19, 2020
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someone that can't just shut up that has a constant start arguments no god damn reason typically these kinds of people sending youtube shorts
just shut the fuck up why the hell are you always starring an argument for no goddamn reason and no don't give me no fuckin excuse It's common sense and then whenever we say you always start arguments you always have to defend yourself but look at that now you're the one arguing so how about we stop this entire goddamn thing cuz it's already retarded anyways
by July 18, 2023
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