A redundant modification of the word definitely, used by inarticulant athletes (oops, redundantcy alert) during television interviews to describe their agreement with a premise or event that is beyond definite, as if definite meant probably. Most probably used to convince viewers of their almost definite plan to finish the last 3 1/2 years of their college education, after scoring millions of bucks as a stud.
"We most definitely lost the game, since we only scored 10 points, and they hung 38 on us" (because sometimes, you win even though out-scored?).
by Greg54 November 15, 2005
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Emo! Emo has the most definitions on Urban dictionary. At 915, it is coming very close to 1000 and will soon pass it.
Emo is the word with the most definitions on urban dictionary.
by Vozlezhaschikh May 23, 2006
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You searched the most popular definitions on google wishing to find the list, but, you just got sent here because well... the internet probably hates you lol.
Person: types the most popular definitions
Same person: ooh thats it
by munsworldddddddd July 10, 2021
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Now, you can like this, be nice, and make this the most liked definition, or you can hate this, and make it the most disliked definition. Either one is fine by me
The Most liked definition is the most liked definition, so you better like or dislike before I send my puny wrath of musical farts to your house.
by iMakeTrashUrbanStuff December 7, 2020
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A definition with the most likes. Or dislikes. It doesn't matter just give one to this definition please. I wanna be famous. In a dictionary. Jk I'm not a nerd. Jk again. Why are you still reading this
The most liked definition on Urban Dictionary will be this one if people are nice and helpful!!!
by sweetpea_hippie4404 June 21, 2023
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1. You typed in Urban Dictionary's most popular definitions into Google in hope to find a list of the very best definitions there are on this site, and then saw this link and thought that it would take you to the golden list but it turned out to be another definition and now you're disappointed.

2. My attempt to make the site runners see this and put up a freaking list.
1. Some guy with too much time on his hands and in need of a laugh (a.k.a. you): *Browses through urban dictionary* Yo, these are mad. I wonder if I can find the most popular definitions on this site. *searches it up and finds Our Most Popular Definitions* Fuck yea - *clicks link* Son of a bitch
by Get back to studying February 9, 2019
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On February 9, 2019, a user named 'Get back to studying' wrote this word and definition in the hope that another random internet user would search up, "Urban Dictionary most popular definitions." Then, that random internet user would inevitably click on the first link that popped up, which is this definition btw, and he/she would get trolled.
One day, I was a random internet user and so I decided to search up, "Urban Dictionary most popular definitions." The first link that popped up had the title, "Our Most Popular Definitions," so I though to myself, "Aha, I found it." Then I clicked it, and I got trolled by a user named 'Get back to studying'. LOL.
by TTV.MrSAVAGEllamaHUMAN May 18, 2020
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