*In the Library before school*
Billy"Stavros stop calling Stefan a jew."
Stavros"Well he is."
Stefan"I know i am, its not news."
Steven"Can someone give me homework."
Stefan"Stevan ur so gay."
Steven"Shutup jew."
Stefan"Stop calling me that."
Stavros "Well you are."
Billy"Holy crap, Stavros, look behind you."
Stavros"Holy shit Mancia whered you come from."
Mancia"Yo man i been here fer like 47 seconds exactly."
Billy"Stavros lets go to the computer lab."
Billy"Mancia, dont follow us."
*5 minutes later in the Computer lab*
Billy"Stavros do you have Miller?"
Billy"Jesus christ Mancia, why'd did you follow us, is that how you found your way into America?"
Set Douchebags 2:Rise of Mancia

stefan, steven, billy are all douchbags while stavros is the best of the best bitches!!!
by Billy R. February 7, 2008
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Kids Who Usually Listen To Shitty Hard Bass And Trap Music, Tease And Mock Other's Appearances Despite Wearing Earrings And Looking Like An Emo Tranny, Also Usually Sucker Punches People For No Reason And Carries Knifes, As A Final Note They Are Also Usually Thirsty AF Talking Bout Pussy And How They're Gonna Screw The Hot English Teacher.
Steve: Yo Justin You Hear The Shit Coming Out Of Devin's Back Garden

Justin: Yea He's Such A Set 2
by Anon473465437763777477 May 6, 2019
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