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An amazing person and a total jokester. She is always making her friends and family laugh. She may seem shy at first, but once she knows she can trust you, her shell will come off. You'll realize she is a crazy, fun girl and you won't be able to imagine your life without her. She doesn't think she is pretty but everyone thinks she's beautiful inside and out. All her friends know they can trust her and go to her when they need some crazy in life.
"I am feeling down right now"

"You should totally talk to Leila! She'll cheer you right up! "
by -M.A.M January 01, 2017
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Leila is a beautiful woman name and she is strong she stands up for her friends and she is very smart
Hey Leila !
by Loookhi February 28, 2016
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A truly beautiful girl that is nice and funny. She is a great friend and any guy would be lucky to have her. She will give you the best treatment ever and she is very forgiving.
Damn she is so hot! She must be a Leila!
by I love you Leila June 15, 2017
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Leila is a beautiful and smart girl. She is not only loving and kind but also VERY hot. She is the best at cuddling ๐Ÿ˜˜ and is the kinda girl that guys would kill for. If your girlfriend is a Leila you are extremely lucky and you should never let her go.
Guy 1: Damn, that girl is hot as hell!
Guy 2: No shit dumb ass, she's a Leila
by National Treasure August 28, 2018
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A girls name, meaning dark, night or black beauty.
Leilas are often pretty, smart and happy/bubbly girls. They often play dumb and mean, but a Leila is a smart girl. She is very feminine and warm, into love and can be described as a 'hopeless romantic'. A Leila is big-eyed, curious, and often seems very youthful and innocent. A Leila is very concerned with her looks, and at a young age can seem older and more mature (which she often is). She is family oriented, with many hopes and dreams for the future.
That girl is pretty!
Yeeah, she's Leila. I really like her.
by kittydogsandpuppycats September 24, 2012
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an exotic, beautiful, caring name. which would describe a beautiful woman. she has charm and class.
she is amazing, she must be named leila.
by love_bug December 15, 2007
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