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A one of a kind person who always thinks of others before herself. She wears her heart on her sleve and will be there for you whenever needed. She is very smart, funny, beautiful and is sensitive to others' feelings. She would be the best girlfriend a guy can ask for. Any guy who dates her would be the luckiest guy on the planet.
Jeannie is so nice and always thinks of others first.

He is so lucky he is dating Jeannie.

Jeannie is so beautiful...
by Stargazer2010 February 10, 2010
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Historical texts reveal this word was a verb used to describe the existence of mysterious, beautiful women over the age of 40 who seem to be immune to aging and possess unusual magical powers over men. Habitually, these women use their powers for many things but are most likely to use them to empty wallets of their male "companions" at the mall. In earlier centuries "genies" were captured by men and put into shapely bottles for good luck. However, as common with men of the day, they forgot where they stashed the bottles and these hidden treasures were not discovered until many years later.
1. Whoa... check out that "jeannie".

2. If I found a genie, my first wish would be to become a Jeannie!

3. Hey, why is my wallet empty? I've been "Jeannied"!!!
by word-dude July 17, 2008
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Birch ass mother fucking mom who doesn’t let you play Minecraft in survival because she says it’s to violent.
Zombie: DANG that kids mom is a Jeannie. I wanted to kill him someday
by wolfieisyay May 24, 2018
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jeannie is a wack ass hoe. she is really god damn selfish and pissy all the time. if you make her mad she'll freak the fuck out. she wants everything for her god damn self and will actually fight you if you don't give her whatever the hell she wants. jeannie thinks she's the shit but nobody rlly likes her. she'll try to steal ur innocent dumbass friends who don't know any better, then after a while they'll come right fucking back to you bc they will hate jeannie now too.
"Jeannie hit me bc i wouldn't give her the juul."
by yeetmesquite November 26, 2018
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