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a twattish person who like nazis label and stereotype everyone else
also they like to start fights then run away and mug old ladies
by mopp March 03, 2009
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The dirt under the dirt of the finger nails of society who are usually seen wearing Adidas or Nike trainers with filthy Nike tracksuits tucked into their socks. Chavs try to look "hard" with a drugged up appearance with one half shaved eyebrow while spitting onto floors or robbing old people's homes.
The bottom run of society. If approached by a chav, consider yourself lucky if they only ask you for a cigarette or some spare change.
Person 1: Oh look it's one of THOSE chavs..

Person 2: Lets hope it doesn't come up to us either asking us for money or to try and beat us up
by Ilikeshite November 07, 2009
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1. Human equivalent of vermin. Fake sportswear, large gold jewellery (bought from argos) and (at least) quadrouple pushchair with females of the 'species'. They use a little known language derived from English slang and American 'gangsta'.Most reproduce by the age of 14, sometimes younger.Chavs are created by their parents through serious neglect or adequate education of any kind. Although the 'species' is so new, their predicted life span is around 40 years, enough time to raise a least 5 broods. They can be found around fast food outlets, shopping malls and other similer places. Their main transport is either a 'modded' shite bucket or a police vehicle of some sort.
I saw a chav a minute ago. Obviously, I shot the bastard
by Notoriousdoc May 28, 2005
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"Mother what does the word chav stand for?"
"It stands for council house and violence ma lil stunna mwah mwah mwah pwincess big nips."
by Clarice big nip March 05, 2008
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A fucking discrace, where did they all come from, 30 years ago my town was cool, now it sucks. Grubby little houses and burnt out cars
by big cheese October 29, 2003
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Chavs are retards who think that they're rebels and also think that their local McDonalds is a 5-star restraunt.

Male chavs wear clothes and jewellry which come from a market, they have a attitude problem and smoke since the age of 11.

Female chavs wear tight trousers and when they sit down they're thongs show, have fake blonde hair as straight as an ironing board or they have the "croydon face-lift", they lost their virginity at the age of 14, they have a attitide problem and they have really really bad teeth.

Chavs also use stupid words such as "safe" or "mint" or "y'wot?" or "quali'ee" or my favourite "innit" what are they trying to say?, it's like trying to communicate with a dog.

you usually find them in your local bus stop or your local town.
In my local area they're are loads of chavs
by Fiona Moore-O'toole January 08, 2005
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Small, provoking and annoying little cunts that hunt for their prey nightly on the roads of Northern Britain.
These territorial little rodents can be seen impregnating 13 year olds, stealing from your garage, walking around in public whilst fondling their testicles and wearing burberry caps whilst yelling "Yo Dikhed!".

A more HIV infested population qualifies these twats to be worse than Scallies.
If fact, I usually find myself crying out at night, cold and alone, for the return of the Scallies.

Chavs usually have an IQ of -1 and spend their time hanging outside McDonalds (they can't afford anything off the £1 menu). Dressed up with an "Essex face lift" for the female kind, and trakkies tucked into socks for the male version, this species is *Hazardous!*. The government has marked the worst with ASBO's, a form of award for these juenvile delincuants.

Be warned, any form of eye contact will provoke these terrotorial predators!
Chav Language.

"Ya fuckin wat dikhed?!"
"Yo'what nobhed?!"
"Wat ya lukin at?!?!!"
"Errr ya fuckin GOFF!"
by KateWilliams May 03, 2007
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