having an offensive odor; stinking.
The skunk is able to fend of its hunters because of its ability to be fetid.
by Wormchowwill July 14, 2009
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smelly vagina fetid mimsy
i dont know you that well but can i poke ur fetid mimsy ?
by connor March 14, 2004
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When you are kissing your partner asshole and they suddenly fart, which propels the fart right into your mouth and you quickly exhale through your nose.
After we eated some burritos last night I was kissing my girlfriend's asshole and she suddenly farted which made me do a fetid bull.
by Fetid Bull creator September 6, 2019
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Someone who is a big-time loser. They say things like "big-time." And they usually have lame jobs like working at a store. They think they're cool and funny, but they're not at all. They may or may not smell terrible.
Do you see that guy over there? He's such a fetid turkey. Why? Because he's lame, stupid and smells bad.
by Gimli's Ma April 7, 2013
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That which is not given when one does not care about something.
Fred did not give a fetid dingo kidney that this page only has one reference to where the phrase came from.
by Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins August 13, 2007
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Can you believe that Fetid Russian Cum Sock said he would commit felonies again to win the presidency?
by Trumpo the Clown June 21, 2019
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when a person’s eyes get red when smoking marijuana
you get so fetid when you smoke
by January 22, 2022
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