Innit is the question. Ennit is the answer, used to indicate agreement. It can also be used without the "innit" question.
- Innit?
- Ennit.

- School sucks man.
- Ennit.
by Doug Neal May 19, 2004
answer to the word innit.

rudey: Dis is well good innit?

molly: yeah i know ennit.
Oriteee, ent dis galdem peng innit?

yeah it izz ennit
by Rudey2kx January 7, 2010
A word used by townies/chavs/pikies and is usually a word to agree with another person's comment.
Townie 1: alright mate
Townie 2: yeh im just chillin
Townie 1: Those shox are blingin
Townie 2: Ennit mate!
by kate miller December 8, 2004
North-English slang for "anything".
Is there ennit I can do to help?
Nah, there's nowt wrong to begin with.
by Jimminy Billybob July 11, 2008
The methods, behaviours and attitudes which are characteristic of the brand of urban thug whose daily interactions and utterances are liberally salted with the word "ennit"
a source of intense irritation for my friend, a shop-keeper in Sparkhill, Birmingham, is the high degree of ennit-ism, stupidity and thugish-ness encountered during his daily interactions with customers.
by Jen S Cuthbert September 28, 2017
A guy who can only name one rapper : stormzy a want to be gangster, will achieve nothing and will probably get a z in his gcses
Don't listen to him, he's a ennit ennit ennit wagwhan g g bruv bruv guy.
by sdfsdafa324 September 19, 2020