Anti Social Behaviour Order - Used against unruly youths who cannot conform to normal society's rules and regulations. See ASBO's.

However, an ASBO can also be a classification of a person. Some of the worst Townies and Scallys are good examples of an ASBOs. They are the creme de la creme of delinquency, intent on causing anger, pain and destruction mainly due to their unnaturally small brain which is set on one thing: reproducing.

They are low-life scum, and are usually the result of bad parenting. A firm beating or installing the fear of God in them as a child can usually prevent the ASBO trait from developing.

Male ASBO – Typically aged 12-18: Looks for a “fit beyhatch, mon init” (female) to “prong” (reproduce with). Older ASBOs can be found waiting in the dole line.

Female ASBO – Typically aged 13-18: Main requirement is to become pregnant. Can usually be found reproducing in a bus shelter. Will name their child after a character on Eastenders.
E.g. 1:
Person A: "I hear a car alarm going off."
Person B: "There must be an ASBO near by."

E.g. 2:
Person A: "Please don't beat me senseless..."
ASBO 1: "Yah mon, u iz da nerd, mi beyhatch iz pumpin, init"
by Mik Hall December 30, 2005
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an essential qualification for all chavs and general idiots who think that; beating the shit out of random people walking down the street/ throwing bricks through people's windows/ generally displaying how few brain cells they have, makes them look "hard".
chav admirer to chav: wow you've got an ASBO, you're so cool
*gazes at chav admiringly*

(please note this was translated from ineligible "slang" into ENGLISH)
by Colette2000 August 5, 2005
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A ban on an individual who demonstrates a particular anti-social behavior.
She got an ASBO after getting a bit crazy with herring sweats after too many ciders and doing donuts on the neighbors lawn.
by Seattleforge November 8, 2016
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New British Government scheme to crack down on chavs and their behaviour. Acronym for Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Stops offenders from doing certain things, going to certain places and meeting certain people.
Someone banned from their local shopping centre
by ANTI CHAV CREW July 27, 2005
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Type of fascist police-state prohibition existing in totalitarian Britain, in which a councillor or pig can ask a judge to ban ordinary non-criminal actions on their say-so. Judges usually rubber-stamp them. Someone doesn't have to be a criminal to get one, they just have to be deemed annoying by a councillor or a cop. They are based on Nazi Germany's laws against 'asocial behaviour'.

Under these police-state measures, someone can be jailed for five years - longer than many criminals - for acts such as meeting their friends, using certain words, going on protests, being homeless, or having an addiction. Rich people do not get given Asbo's for destroying the planet, because they have friends who are councillors and pigs.

Most victims of police-state persecution of this kind are either Black, extremely poor, or psychologically different. People who support them are fascist pigfucking Nazis.
The pig was in the middle of giving someone an Asbo for skateboarding in his own garden, when the pig fell over and smashed his skull. Everybody cheered.
by fuck pigfuckers March 1, 2010
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After Scran Bifter (pronounced bift-o)

Term created by Watty to be used when one is desperately in need of a cigarette after a lucious meal.
Jen: 'That Nando's was fantastic!!'
Watty: 'It was lucious! That chicken really hit the spot! I'm definitely in need of ASBO now though!'
by Watty and Skón Blomma October 25, 2010
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An exclamation following a normal clause, phrase or sentence, surprised at the amount that those with the name of Amelia actually smell, and the temporary oversight of this fact. An acronym for 'Amelia Smells Bad.. Obviously'
Wow, I had a really nice day today ASBO.
by Smelly Melie January 10, 2010
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