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Grebs claim to be the individuals of society, and although they all dress fairly similarly, they are the minority, so I suppose they're right. Most grebs listen to rock or punk music. The greb crowd tends to have a layered structure, with the upper echelons consisting of those that have been grebs the longest: they have attained the enviable status of "old school". Those that have just arrived on the greb scene are known as "newbies", and tend to be viewed with some contempt by the old school crowd. Newbies have to go through a period of piss-taking before they are accepted as proper members of the greb community; this is a kind of hazing ritual and gives the new greb a chance to see what they will have to endure from chavs. After enough time has passed, these newbies become old school, with a wave of newbies stepping in to fill their place. Grebs tend to be more accepting than other groups of people, such as chavs, and generally nicer. They also don't use words such as "bare" or mug people, which is always a good thing.
Those guys in black with skateboards that hang around not doing a lot and being friendly but unproductive.
by Korrineine February 05, 2004
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A word quite often used by chavs to describe anyone with hair more than half a centimetre long. Used by ignorant morons who make it a generic term for someone who likes rock music, when most of the time real 'grebs' don't care how they're classed.
Moron 1: Watch wer ur goin init.
Moron 2: Stupid greb wiv iz long 'air innit.
by Selryam March 30, 2006
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Greb - Many people seem to think that grebs are depressed and want to kill them selves and only wear black ect.. But they are wrong, grebs just like to have fun, it means nothing to them if people make fun of them because they are proud to be different.
Walk around a few minutes and see how many people swear at you for dressing the way you want to!
Some people say that grebs hate townies (Some do, some don't, all i hate is chavs!)
by Christopher Smith September 06, 2005
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Although Grebs dress very similar, they are individual. They each wear clothes that show their inner feelings and musical interests. For example, a Rammstein fan would probably wear a Rammstein hoodie, and some grebs wear more chains/spikes/etc than others, making each one unique, compared with townies who wear whatever is in Fashion. Grebs listen to music that involves SOME shouting, if the song is emotional, but most of the time the music consists of powerful singing by people whose voices have actually broken! (Unlike Justin Timberlake) Grebs look intimidating to some people, but are in actual fact the easiest sort of people to get oon with, they're just very laid back - unless you're dumb enough to provoke them! And all these previous things about Grebs not washing, etc, none of it is true - I should know - I'm a Greb and I wash everyday!
Townie: "Ha ha ha! You're such a Greb!"

Greb: "And!? You're point is!?"
by Lilo February 19, 2004
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A person who believes themself to be indivdual. They are sick and tired of life and want to be different. A greb listens to music that takes talent to create and isnt just made by some twat on a PC. Grebs wear black and baggy clothes, some people say they dont always wear black but some people that wear all those bright colours arent grebs even though they think they are. Grebs usually have long hair to be different. Fashion doesnt apply to grebs because it is a pointless thing. Grebs always seem to be the more intelligent of people. Grebs are the smart people who do well at school usually, this is why they like the talented music, and can recognise talent, unlike the others who just listen to whatever other people like or anything that has good singing. Grebs usually dont bother with vocals because they are usually talentless and try to listen withing the music to the bass or other talented drum or guitar pieces. People who usually take the piss out of grebs are the stupid ones, the ones who are idiots and will never have good jobs.
I hope one day the entire of the Earth shall gain an IQ past room temperature and then realise which music is good. Then the whole world shall be grebs, even though part of the culture is to be original. We'll see....
by Jamie January 06, 2004
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A much more friendly group of guys/gals than chavs
Named after the thereoy supposedly matching their psycological makeup...
G = Genuine
R = Respectful (apart from after being thrown out of a town centre for nothing..
E = Educated (although theyre not all nerds)
B = Befriending

Grebs enjoy a highly comunistical society all are equals, if any one person is considered better than most, this will have been gained by friendlyness or individuality rather than random muggings. Most grebs will stay with a sexual partner for years, seeing the bond of friendship to be more than just the sex. (whilst a chav would probably last a week at the most)

In some circumstances grebs must fight back and often win, especially if at school. A chav might pick a fight, the greb would throw a few punches in defence, chav ends up on floor, and due to their favouritism amongst teachers they are normally believed and therefore dont get into trouble whilst the chav would.

In greb circles it is cool to express yourself, it is uncommon for a group of grebs to have not formed a band at some point. Most have excellent art or design skills, but would rather spend time making random videos including their friends or hanging out at some concert or gig.
Chav walks into greb

Chav: "Oi watch where ur going u fookin greb

Greb: I didnt...

Chav starts fight, few punches... greb retaliates as defence Chav ends up on floor...

Later, teacher questions what happened and believes greb as they are much better behaved in class

Chav gets excluded from school for a few days
by RotherRJ666RandomDude January 12, 2010
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A nice person who doesn't:
1) slit their wrists!
2) isn't depressed
3) isn't greasy damn it!
4) like lables!

A greb is also someone who isn't a townie or chav. They like their own style of music and clothing and most of all doesn't speak like a complete retard!
Chav: ahh you greasy greb!
by freaky_mcfreak March 22, 2005
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