Female chavs. The 14 year olds who will shortly get knocked up and spawn the next generation of antisocial Burberry-clad parasites.
'I hate that shopping centre. It's full of chavettes'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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baby chavs the next wave of chavs
nice chavletts
arrrggghhh the next wave is upon us
by daemon March 15, 2005
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Group of usually ugly girls, black and white, who hang around wearing their baby blue and earrings waiting for someone to piss them off. The pregnant ones will ram their strollers into you and then look at you menacingly, like what you gna complain?

Then there are the stupid teenybopping teenagers that just wait for someone to yell at, "Wos your problem?!" they hate american people and act like they are stupider than them...no comment.
When I was a Kings Cross a bunch of ugly and retarded chavettes without boyfriends ran after me with their *water bottles* calling me things like *monkey ass face* after I *stepped on their toe* at the crossing.
by Angelacia May 2, 2007
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A female species of the chav.
Usually has a fag in one hand and a pram in the other. Like the male version, it likes burberry(fake) and McDonalds(not inside, obviously).
A chavette will think itself as the most fasionable person around. The leader in a group of chavettes will probably be told this by her many followers. She may even have a nickname such as "Missy".
You can tell if someone is a chav a mile off. You will pribably be blinded by the bright orange glow of their hair or their fake gold jewellry from argos.
For an example of a chavette, head towards mcdonalds..
by xXDemiXx November 27, 2005
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Massive crappy gold hoop earrings
Genereally all wear the same thing just in varying colours.
Some even have kids by the age of 14
Have no concept of any kind of decent music or TV
The most important things in their trivial world are usually hair straighteners, make-up and clothes
They're only comeback in any situation is to say "I'm guna set insert name here on you, she'll beat you up mate!"
They speak like retards
They also type like retards e.g. "Wut Arr Yuuh Doiin TuMoro? Lets Go Tuu McDonalds!"
They think they're all crazy individuals when they're just a bunch of sheep.
They're so fucking stupid it's unbelieveable
Many adults have the misconception that all teenage girls are chavettes. We're not.
by Shamrawk December 30, 2008
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Defining features of a chavette include, but are not limited to: bleached blonde, scraped back, gelled hair with "slut strands" hanging down the heavily madeup face. It will usually be smoking. Note the acrylic fake nails, tacky velour tracksuit, badly applied fake tan, eyebrows plucked to the point of no return and the attitude - middle finger constantly on the alert. May also smell like a combination of sex, smoke, Mcdonalds and cheap perfume. Yes, we have them in Australia too - they're not just limited to London, people. Only here we just call them skanks
by Saren March 25, 2006
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Female version of a chav
typical chavette ;
failed curly hair with so much mousse it looks wet & greasy
a tracksuit
orange foundation, badly applied
shiny pouting fish lips
usually fat
a coat/waistcoat with a fluffy hood
an inabilty to speak english
"bling bling"

basically chavs & chavettes walk (well you can't really call it walking) round thinking they're "so ard", spitting on the floor and smoking and starting a fight with any random passer-by.
chavette ; orriteee bbz gt me a new adidas trckiie 2 go wv ma burberry cap init gna gt fckiin smshd outa ma hedd den stab sum rndomer cs iim ard lyk dat!11!

me ; stfu.
by ksekid July 28, 2008
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