1.'Men in black' as in the movie, shooting aliens up and stuff.

2.Manchester united FC away supporters/fans/hooligans are often to referred as the red army, MIB or 'men in black' due to there dress code which is predominantly black.
1.Kay: Set for pulsar level five, subsonic implosion factor two.
Jay: What?
Kay: Just shoot the damn thing on the count of three.

2.rival supporter:Get our fackin boys together, the MIB are coming to town tonight.
by ICJ May 7, 2009
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Men In Black, what else could it be, that makes sense?
MIB fight those damn aliens, be damned if they come back alive, all ye of evil consciousness.
by Alexi October 20, 2003
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a mentally ill brother who’s poor mental health negatively impacts their siblings, causing said siblings to adopt a MIB liftestyle thus inducing tramua that makes them mibful
My brother punched a hole in the wall then stole my parents car, he’s such a MIB!
by mibala June 14, 2023
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An abbreviation for make it bacon. Usually used in reference to a larger girl. Mib 2.0 is a younger fat girl (under 21 years of age... usually blonder aswell), the second generation.
Wow that larger girl is a real mib.
by RIPOM April 4, 2009
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MILF IN BOOTS i.e. mum I'd like to fuck wearing boots.

Commonly seen during the colder periods of the year, the milfs will wear knee high boots with jeans, to stay warm while maintaining sex appeal.
A sexy mum in winter wearing boots is a mib
by satanico pandemonium September 19, 2012
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internet acronym for "mind is blown" - the phrase people say when something is contrary to what they thought. Commonly used with sarcasm.
Person1: Peanuts aren't actually nuts. They are legumes.

Person2: whoa, MIB.
by jumpysho February 1, 2010
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some people believe this is Men in Black but we all know it is Micah Is black, yes its true.
you could say that Micah Davis of oakwood school is the MIB
by Micah February 18, 2005
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