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The twats that walk around with some kind of strange limp as if their "hard" and could "kick the shit out of you". To non-chavs, the walk actually looks like the chavs have shit themseleves, they most likely have, when their 15 year old girlfreind(a chavette)tells them shes pregnant.

Chavs are the waste of space that no one likes, the teachers hate them adults hate them, grebs hate them, as do emos and goths. Many townies dont,this is because townies suck up to them so they dont have the piss taken.

Chavs can be found hanging around the streets at night smoking and rolling around on the floor pissed, they'll be in groups of 6-15 so they look "hard".

If a chav says anything to you, you most likely wont understand a word of it, this is because, since their not human they dont talk any word found in a normal dictionary (unless its swearing) they'll be the ones that talk in a strange barking fashion.

A compliment to a chav could include issuing them an ASBO, to them this proves they are a "hard",to normal people it proves they need mental help.
Chav: f*cking greb!
Greb: Wow your smart, next u can learn to count to ten.
Chav: I'll kick the shit out of u!
Greb: Go on then
Chav: *never hits the greb, walks off, muttering* F*cking grebs!
Greb: *shouts after the chav:* wow that really hurt!
by Greb 'n' proud December 04, 2005

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