An internet message board, formerly for the pop group NSYNC, now known for drama and attention whores. Members are called "JJBers".
1. I'm bored. Maybe I'll go to JJB and tell them that I'm rich and post pics of expensive things.

2. JJB's latest scandal involves a "homeless" girl hitting JJBers up for money.

3. What's the drama on JJB today?
by I love the JJB June 21, 2006
JJB is a monster that lives in the sea and its full name is Jack Johnson Boyle . It loves to mate with other JJBs. The female version of JJB is ET. Tourists who have went to see JJB have been scared that they would be eaten but only the straight ones eat and the gay ones don't so people have only seen gay ones.
'Don't worry he's the gay one they don't eat people'
by LIVERPOOLFANFC January 23, 2019
JJB Sports - the UK's top sports retailer. Get sports clothing, trainers, football shirts and lots more from golf clubs to football boots.
I'm going down to JJB to get me some golf clubs!
by Captain Fantastic69 May 14, 2007