A cheap, reliable, and gas efficient car produced by Ford. While weighing less than a Honda Civic and having a bigger engine it still manages to be slow as hell and can get beat by almost anything. Its pretty much a go-cart with a interior!
1.) Dude I put $10 in my escort! That will last me half a month!

2.) My Ford Escort weighs 500 pounds less than your Civic and has a bigger engine by .2 liters, and i just got a tune up! Why did I lose the race?

3.) Dude the go-cart place said for five more dollars than the ticket price, i would be allowed to take the escort onto the track, but then i would waste an extra five dollars and have no chance at winning.
by G - Money June 21, 2007
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A great first car for anyone (unless you are over 6'5" or +300lbs). It is small, light, and reliable (insanely reliable). Not to mention it will get over 20 MPG....running on only two cylinders (30+MPG when you have the spark plug wires on the correct cylinders). There aren't millions of buttons and controls to be distracted by while driving.
The engine in my Ford Escort was running really rough one day when idling. When I drove the 45 minutes home I found out that two vacuum lines had finally popped off after 11 years.
by Steevy_T October 18, 2011
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(n.) one of the best vehicles known to mankind; great gas mileage, ideal for a 17 year old chick who works as a barista for only $6.75 an hour.
"ford 91 escort, missing hubcap, tinted windows, BRAND NEW WINDSHIELD"
by time4schleep August 24, 2008
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