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Catch-all phrase for looking forward to the future.

It encompasses all the choices a person makes: love, career, day-to-day actions, anything that you collect to add to the fabric of who you are and the things that you discard.
When you look for happiness and make decisions to ensure that you find it.
Moving through this life that is often like a desert on a long journey; looking out the window; seeing through the film of images in my mind and in front of me...until I find it...that which makes me happiest.
by morphologicalfreedom October 17, 2013
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A phrase that is randomly uttered at arbitrary times with an unclear definition. Generally stated as a way of mocking one’s peer or indicating success of one form or another.
“Yo bro i just got a 75 after studying 13 hours for my useless spanish exam”
Oooooooo, find it find it, come ooooooonnnn”
by Misterstitches November 21, 2019
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