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A white person who thinks they are Japanese just because they watch anime, read manga and/or know a word or two of Japanese.

They fall in love with Japan because of anime, and fall in love with some crazy fashion because it's from Japan. Then they dress in what they think matches the "Pictures I Googled online, desu. (o^_^o)v Kawaii~!!"

They apply everything "Japan" into their everyday lives. Their rooms and decorated with anime posters and such. They go to an Asian mall and immerse themselves in other Asian, non-Japanese, practises.

And when they go online, they put a common Japanese name as their own and expect people to believe them. They know not to call themselves "-san", "-chan" or "-kun" but use it every opportunity. They hold a peace sign. It works on Asians. But for the Wapanese? No.

I'm SE Asian. I like Japanese dramas, think some of the actors are cute and I know I waste a lot of time watching them.

But I'm not approaching this in a Wapanese way. I don't quote, especially in a language I can't speak. I don't SERIOUSLY dream of marrying anyone/getting into a career in Japan. I know my parents want me to get a job as a doctor here, where I UNDERSTAND the language!
A wapanese : Hi! I'm MagicalPockyUsagi! Check out my youtube, ne~!!! i can understand japanese (o^3^o)

I'm sooo more kawaiii than you. Watashi wa kawaii desu desu desu! I'm gonna marry some animated character and have a million Caucasian-Nippojin children!!~~!!!! check out the Ameblog i wrote! (you know, i coulda picked tumblr in ENGLISH instead but ywahhh) bai-bai, dattebayo!, nandesuka?!!?!
by Apple LE December 17, 2009

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