Many give the term "shallow" too narrow a meaning by stating it only refers to those who judge others purely on looks. Here is a list of characteristics that actually define a person as shallow:
1. Their thoughts are mainly concerned with unimportant things, such as the way they look or how others are judging them
2. They are unable to connect with others on deep emotional levels
3. They make judgements based on trivial, surface-level information

4. They are overly concerned with material things
Joe is a very shallow guy. During his day at school he decided that Kevin was weird because his hair is really long. Later that day, Joe told Mark he ought to display the brand he is wearing. He also decided Mark was cooler than Kevin because Mark has a Mustang and plays football.
by Moonshine Billy February 25, 2015
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Judging a person base on appearance. And not for who they are. This word is used by people is used by people who spend a lot of time looking rather than getting to know a person.
Student: I like Leah because she's short. And I like short girls

Class:That's just shallow.
by TheYasminyouknow October 11, 2017
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Too mentally affected to go deep into things.
He dumped his girlfriend because he was too shallow to sort things out with her.
by SomeoneNew June 23, 2012
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to care more about looks than personality
stop looking at her boobs you are soo shallow
by BlackDragonV1 November 16, 2003
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A person who cannot access the imaginative, creative, understanding, emotional part of their brain. Shallow people are brainwashed by the media, they can't think for themselves. They tend to like hilary duff, britney spears, and mainstream rap and the little mainstream rock that is played. They serve no purpose to this earth. Their future holds long lines of angry customers that want their hamburger, and the words "we love to see you smile".
see deep depth creativeprepmainstream music
They cannot see the little things, like nature, all they see is what the media tells them to see.
by my name April 6, 2004
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To base the format of a structure only on appearance.
You like someone because they're cute/hot/sexy, and yet they're a bitch to you.
by Angeline February 22, 2004
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Shallow people only care about what you look like. They could give a shit less about you on an emotional level.

::Andy is the new guy in town::

Jake: "I really don't know who Andy is.. He seems cool, but who cares about that. I could care less if he's going through a hard time or not.. He's a good looking cat though and I'm just worried about having a decent looking wingman."

Tony: "Yea, I have no idea if he's doing good right now or not.. Hopefully his image will attract hott chics. Don't you just love being shallow?"

Jake: "Yea, for sure. I also like being a prick to everyone, including my girlfriend"
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