9 definitions by Gringo

Alternate spelling for "homo". A benign reference to homosexuality serving as a playful insult amongst friends. However, it can be used in serious argument.
LSU fans are a bunch of heaumeaus.
by Gringo March 08, 2005
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An extremely effeminate, fairy kinda person with homosexual tendencies who is usually hounded by other effeminate fairy kinda persons who go by the name ZEN. Budmaas normally plays the husband in the relationship, while ZEN plays the wife.
While Budmaas shoved his well-oil schlong up ZEN's ass, Zen closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure.
by Gringo July 06, 2003
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A term of appreciation used in place of 'thanks', typically in a chat environment Shermans refers to an armored tank widely used during the American assault on the Nazis in WWII.
joe23234: have this, its free.
salelw03: shermans!
joe23234: ...
joe23234: so gay
by Gringo March 07, 2005
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A difficult manuover whereby a gentleman places his pinky up a lady's BRONZE EYE, the middle 3 fingers within the FANJITA and the thumb rests lightly on the DEVIL'S DOORBELL. A Dagnham Handshake is easier from behind, though adepts in the handshake can perform it from up front whilst gazing romanticly at the lady's HEADLAMPS.
by Gringo June 04, 2003
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A man weak in Measuring-Units who normally confuses Millimeters with Inches, and vice-versa.
The Pizza guy was flabbergasted when Tantricyogi asked for a 12 millimeter pizza with pepperoni.
by Gringo July 06, 2003
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