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Apparently, the new politically correct way at several institutes of higher learning to refer to entities previously known as freshmen.
Steven: That red-headed freshman is so hot! I'm totally going to get that bitch drunk and bone her tomorrow night!
Greg: Really, Steven, I'm ashamed of your uncouth behavior -- the polite way of speaking about such an individual dictates that we use the term "first year."
by Thomas Sartorius May 07, 2008
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First years is the collective term given to first year secondary school students, typically in Ireland. Usually aged 11/12, they are seen as innocent and naive compared to their fifth or sixth year schoolmates, and are at the bottom of the school food chain.
Older Student: Jesus look at all the first years, the size of that one's bag. He's as green as grass! He won't last ten minutes in Ms. Smyth's class.
by unionaerospace July 20, 2018
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A name used for years sevens in private schools and hogwarts.
"I say that firstyear is frightfully rich,chaps"
P.S I know posh people dont actually talk like that
by I heart milo vetimigla November 17, 2007
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Someone enrolled at uni for their first year of post-secondary education.

The First Year v.s. Freshman conundrum exists, especially at US college/university. So, 'Why call them "freshmen, sophomore, juniors" when you could say "first, second, third, etc... year", it'll be less confusing'.

Saying 'freshmen', 'sophomore', 'junior', and 'senior', does not actually sound professional contrary to what you may think.
A: 'I'm currently a first year student at university'.

B: 'You mean "freshmen", right? Dude... you're not in England'.
by PoisonLeaf79 March 17, 2019
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