Apparently, the new politically correct way at several institutes of higher learning to refer to entities previously known as freshmen.
Steven: That red-headed freshman is so hot! I'm totally going to get that bitch drunk and bone her tomorrow night!
Greg: Really, Steven, I'm ashamed of your uncouth behavior -- the polite way of speaking about such an individual dictates that we use the term "first year."
by Thomas Sartorius May 8, 2008
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First years is the collective term given to first year secondary school students, typically in Ireland. Usually aged 11/12, they are seen as innocent and naive compared to their fifth or sixth year schoolmates, and are at the bottom of the school food chain.
Older Student: Jesus look at all the first years, the size of that one's bag. He's as green as grass! He won't last ten minutes in Ms. Smyth's class.
by unionaerospace July 20, 2018
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Oh man where do I start 😂😂. They think they are so cool going into first year and half of them are acco crazy. But obviously some of them are just boring. Aw man ya just gotta love em anyway. 😂
‘Oh look it’s first years

‘Why did you roll your eyes’
‘Because first years are crazy’
by Imjustbored😂 November 19, 2019
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That classic first year university attitude of always thinking that they need to study
First year student: Hey, I don't think I can make it tomorrow, desperately need every second to cram

Second year student: OMG! You're experiencing First Year Fever! Better call a doctor!
by KeepCalmAndEdm May 24, 2016
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Someone around the age of 12/13 who has not yet had a meet/shift/french kiss. Irish slang.
In the Irish educational system, after graduating from primary school (about 12 years old) you move onto the first year in secondary school. Therefore a first-year is just your average pre-teen. However, by that age, the best way to be popular is to not be a fridget. A fridget is someone who has never "met" (also Irish slang.) someone. In most cases, people are slagged for being a first-year fridget, but only lightly by friends. Being a first-year fridget isn't bad, but boys typically try to get a meet before first year to avoid the situation altogether, and also in an attempt to show off to their friends.
"Hey, in your school do you get bullied for being a first-year fridget?"
"Nah, yer grand."
"No mate, you're screwed."
"Don't worry though. Just go to a disco or something. You'll get a meet there.

"Thanks, bro."
by Mad-Yoke-From-Ireland July 23, 2018
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Having a male / male sexual experience; references Princeton University (in New Jersey) and experimenting, sexually, while there, or in other similar situations
Those Duke boys look like they're 'first year Princeton', to me
by jimbojonas March 19, 2016
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The state of inebriation most commonly attained only by first year students of university
Guy 1: Hey I just finished my exam, whats happening tonight?
Guy 2: Let's go to Koerner's and get first-year drunk!
by seeapeddle October 19, 2010
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