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The aftermath of an animal being dismembered. The exploded intestines and other such awesome bodily tools.
There were whale entrails encasing the entire planet.
by Spiffy Hamster April 20, 2004
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MMORPG which Spiffy Hamster enjoys playing. Some people are far too addicted. Many bots. However, I really like this game. Playing it right now...
51/37 Battle Acolyte bound to be Monk TODAY.
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
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Term coined from Rock bands from the 70s who would use a lot of synthesizors and such in their music, and do strange things with their hair, such as cut shapes such as starts and hearts in it.
by Spiffy Hamster July 13, 2004
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"Intelligent Dance Music", an often debated term for a style of electronic music (as "intelligent" sounds pretentious and it's not really "dance music") that encompasses a confusingly wide area of music. Mostly enjoyed by computer nerds and LSD-heads, mostly a combination of both. Known for being more cerebral than many forms of music, thus "intelligent". Listeners of this form of music are generally stereotyped as pretentious musical afficionado pricks.
Popular artists include Aphex Twin (Richard D. James), Squarepusher, Autechre, Amon Tobin, and on the harder side, Venetian Snares.

Popular labels include WARP Records, Planet Mu, Merck, and Rephlex.
by Spiffy Hamster August 18, 2005
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Japanglish is quasi-language almost exclusively used by the most clueless of the wapanese, consisting of both English and Japanese words being used in the sentence. This is usually as a result of the said wapanese person trying very hard to be as Japanese as possible by speaking the language, but since s/he only knows very basic vocabulary and sentence structure, english words are also used. English sentence structure dominates despite this. It is uncommon to see japanese words other than "watashi", "kimi", "neko", "baka", "kawaii", and a few other such fandom-oriented words actually used. Pronounciation of these words may range from being absolutely wrong in a clueless, to absolutely wrong though still conceited, to more accurate than common Japanese speech and pretentious as possible about it. Commonly used by self-proclaimed "otaku" as well. Often accompanied by "anime smileys" such as ^_^ and XD.

Japanglish sometimes also refers to a pseudo-language used in learning Japanese; this is rare in internet culture.
"OMG! Neko-san is sooooo baka XD"
- Probably someone

"That's so kawaii!!!"
- Gwen Stefani

Almost all wapanese forum speech uses some form of Japanglish.
by Spiffy Hamster November 30, 2005
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How complete idiots type "fuck".
lol fuk wtf r u dong? ur gey
by Spiffy Hamster April 20, 2004
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