use of a condom whether vaginal or anal sex
We speak multiple languages including greek and always with a with a translator
by John M. Seaton October 7, 2007
To have a revelatory experience, that doesn't involve the actual interpretation of languages.
by ConyeBest December 1, 2015
Turning a thing understandable to one group of people to a thing understandable to another.
You quero taco bell! translated as
This is a stupid advertisement!
by yev October 10, 2003
When a man wears a condom while receiving oral sex.
I met up with Cinnamon from the club and she gave me translated oral.
by terir323 December 7, 2013
One who creates fake definitions of words and ends up getting one of the top definitions for their creativity and comedy with the definition. Similar to an Urbanizer.
Person: His twisted definition got top 3!
Person 2: Yeah he's an Urban Translator

who will probably end up ruining this
site by hiding definitions completely.
by AlterLynx 2 September 12, 2018
A literal translation of words or idioms that doesn't make much sense in the language it was translated to. Originated in Turkey
German: Ohrwurm -> English: Earworm
Turkish: piliç çevirme -> chicken translation
by bollooo December 30, 2020