When you turn 13, the Internet suddenly lets you sign up for stuff.
12 year old: i cant wait to turn 13!
13 year old: now i can sign up for google and use youtube
by Preinstallable November 2, 2020
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Old enough to join the military in Iraq.
Iraq government: Hey how old are you
Boy: Imma 12 year old.
Iraq government: Heres a gun and grenade go kill someone
by Whyey April 12, 2021
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An idiot looking up definitions on urban dictionary

I know this because I’m a 13 year old looking up definition
“You know jamie
“the 13 year old that is obsessed with urban dictionary
by bitch lasagna March 10, 2019
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The offical term for a Pewdiepie subscriber as of November 20, 2019. Officially declared in the video “Morgz is CANCELLED”.
Pewdiepie: You are no longer 9 year olds, now your all 19 year olds.
by TheRealJorden December 8, 2019
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a kid that is waiting for their 13 birthday to come so that older teens won’t be able pick on them anymore for their age on the internet. sometimes these 12 year old CAN be a hardcore show-it-off to teenagers OR they can be really chill. since they are close to their teenaged lives, they have a sense of matureness most times.
person 1: “hey is that jaquelin?”
person 2: “yeah but isn’t she a 12 year old?”
person 1: “yeah so? she’s pretty chill
person 2: “you right.”
by smhhh.arcely April 14, 2020
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A person who is one year old
most humans at this cant speak, read or write of course.

Are either cute af or just stupid.
Example : we were all 1 year old s.
by oomfaloompa September 23, 2020
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A demographic that is often misunderstood and looked down upon due to stereotypes.
Like seriously, we're not that moody and not all of us are horny 24/7.
13 year olds are often considered to be the scum of the earth, but that's a very small portion.
by Yoda8778 July 4, 2019
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