The act of withdrawing or taking back a mistake of some kind. As coined by the intelligent and articulate Sal Governale of The Howard Stern Show.
I don't want a traction from Richard. I don't want a traction from Howard. But I never made those false remarks, so I better get a traction from somebody!
by mcote0363 January 28, 2022
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To have intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

Also can be used when threatening to fight/ beat someone up.
"I bet your bitch wants some of this traction"
"I know he don't want any of this traction"
by big1400yuknowhatdafokkgoinon August 19, 2020
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good, dung cleaning power of cheap, rough toilet paper!

(60grit sandpaper?) -no 'waste skating' from 'powder-puff' 'soft' "terlit' paper!!!
pat and smear that dung down!!, or get some good traction CLEANING!!

she'd bring her own 'lit' paper, hating the traction of mine!!
by michael foolsley May 7, 2011
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Noun. A Poop contraction. The cramps associated with going into poop labor.
"My poop-tractions are getting closer together and will be going into labor soon."
by Dr.Reanimator September 18, 2018
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When you have to poop so bad that your stomach is cramping like you are about to give birth out of your anus to a giant #poopbaby
My stomach is cramping so bad. I’m having poo-traction’s and I’ve gotta find a bathroom fast!
by FunkyValleyMom December 27, 2018
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When you see someone come in a place and they make you feel awkward and you start texting friends on your phone. Often you text things that don't make sense because you're so flustered. Then you go back in your outbox later to see what you had said and it doesn't make sense and your friend texts back usually "wtf" or "?"

Girl: Dude what was up with that text you sent me?!
Girl 2:What'd it say?
Girl: "You are so cool! why?"
Girl 2': OH that's when my ex walked in and i needed a huge Text-traction!
Girl: Oh girl i got ya
by IMSORADYA January 15, 2009
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