To threaten means to tell the cops or an adult something if someone doesn’t do what you want them to do
He is threatening her because she won’t pay him
by Doggos are noice January 16, 2018
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This can have a few meanings.

1.) He threatened to leave her if she continued to hang out with male friends.


2.) The man or woman interested in you may feel threatened when they notice they have no chance at dating you or getting close to you as they realize you have your eyes on somebody else and it not be them. They will show lack of interest in you at that moment and begin to ignore the two of you with a defense mechanism to protect themselves and avoid conflict at any and all cost.
1.) Her parents warned her that her decision to disobey meant all privleges would be taken away. She felt threatened and decided to obey.

2.) If person (#1) likes you a lot and has interest but you do not like them in that fashion the rejection can make them feel threatened especially if there is a person (#2) that you are seeing.
by Cristiana123 September 16, 2019
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A place, person or object that makes you feel like you're in danger just by looking at it, sometimes characterized by unsanitary condition. It maybe a dirty toilet with a scary bugs bunny back seat, or maybe it's a gaming setup completely littered and covered with redbull cans and cigarette butts; no matter what it is, you can actually feel the bad juju just by looking at the picture.
"Yo check out this toilet look how disgusting it is."
"It doesn't even have a seat it's just an orange cone..."
"Definitely gives off a threatening aura doesn't it?"
by swipesomething January 6, 2021
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Hym "I don't know what part of 'serial threatener' you didn't understand but that's not what I'm lauded for... I'm lauded for being a genius and inspiring the world. The 'serial threatener' is the excuse you use to justify my exploitation."
by Hym Iam July 16, 2022
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A person or item that is so desirable, that it's threatening to be eaten. Can be used in a sexual manner.
Her pussy is nom threatening.
by Porna October 6, 2014
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man hes so sexually non threatening, makes me super comfortable; am i sexually non threatening..?; just act like you dont care then you'll be sexually non threatening
by prissycow November 20, 2018
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An NCOER stands for Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report. It is an evaluation that comes from your supervisor usually every year but also due when your leadership changes. It's supposed to be a non biased report based on your performance throughout a certain period of time. But what sometimes happens is leaders don't know of any other way to get their subordinates to do certain things so they will threaten them with a bad or poor rating on their NCOER. Usually a technique used by spineless leaders who have no resemblence of a backbone. The only reason people do this is because they have no respect from their subordinates and this is the only way they can exert what little power they have.
Hey man why did you leave out of the meeting today all pissed off? Oh you didn't hear. That asshat just threatened to give me a bad NCOER if I don't do things "his" way, which we all know is just ass backwards and against regulation. Oh yeah I had one of those leaders one time. I call it Threaten Your NCOER Leadership. Yeah well I cannot wait unitl I leave this place or that jackass leaves one. Yeah and some supervisors don't know how to lead hungry wolves to fresh meat.
by pantyteamaster October 15, 2010
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