k#y accused his co-worker as being sinister and bitesome as a cobra? he is just smearing his co-worker!
by it is not your business July 23, 2019
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to attack someones reputation with false information, to defame someone
Conservative journalists are trying to smear Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama simultaneously.
by The Return of Light Joker March 3, 2008
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smear....... hard to explain but its CRAZY a parody on mtvs fear creators, josh cohne kyle obrien and aj perotti, 3 pimped ouit jedi knights
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
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A tiny fart you can't hear but it still smells. This can be a noun or a verb.
What smells? I smeared.
by lukethedolphin December 26, 2011
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to get down and dirty in a biddy's unmentionables. ie: for a male to place his face in the near region of a female's genitalia, and "get it wet".
Matt: "yo, did you smear that last night, mayne!?"

Hector: "OH, HELL NO! that biddy hadn't been down there with a pair of clippers in years!"
by bizzle to the rizzle October 21, 2007
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this is just gross. don't ever say this word because it is associated with a test that females have to endure once a year and it's not very pleasant.
Damn! that pap smear was off the heezy-fa-sheezy!!!
by nickel May 16, 2003
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vb. to smear. taking two fingers and sloppin' some gristle out from under your nuts - then proceeding to wipe the sweaty nappiness on someone's face, neck, etc.
we were four hours on the road, and i had developed a dire case of stink nuts, so, merely for bullshit purposes, i smeared my buddy's cheek.
by nonemuch February 20, 2003
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