Howards are usually bold hearted and confident.They show much confidence in what they do and where they go.Mostly Howards are just like defenders,they are strong to defend those who get vulnerable and easily endangered.Well people like these have some kind of harmony and balance that keep their lives in unity.They find ways to better themselves in whatever situation they get in.Beautiful and cute things are part of them 'cause they respond greatly and positively to beautiful things.People with this name have a deeper inner need for quietness and a strong desire to understand and analyze the world they live in and to learn the deeper truths.They are more scientific compared to socialism.
1st person:Wow!! Look at the baby he is so cute.
2nd Person:Let's name him Howard!!
by Omnitrixx January 9, 2019
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Howard is a very cool guy at times and is extremely good at whatever he does, but he can also be real asshat at times and can often be bipolar. While he may act bipolar, he is still a very standup guy who attracts the attention of everyone around him. He often drives very nice cars and is surrounded by a group of very cool individuals. However, he is often extremely self-centered and when something gets on his nerves, he flips a shit and all hell may break loose. He is often very unpredictable. But when he is not being self-centered and seeing the world as revolving around him, he is the most caring and awesome individual you could possibly be around.
Person 1: Howard is a real stand up guy! I just saw him helping out a bunch of kids!
Person 2: Yeah he can be extremely caring and awesome a good amount of the time.
Person 1: What about the other time?
Person 2: Well if he sees something as a criticism or an insult towards him, then he will unleash everything from the depths of hell and wreak havoc on your ass.
by \''; DROP TABLE users; -- December 27, 2014
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A man with a large amount of sex appeal, intelligence and loyalty. Usually fairly good at at sports, and often deeply thoughtful and romantic.
Look at Howard, he's so sexy and charming!

Oh my god, Howard was so romantic last night.
by SlyJudge September 8, 2010
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A man of great character;misunderstood in general
Great in bed. He regularly assists women in viewing the insides of their eyelids as they hold on for dear life while he tongue lashes them. Afetr women are blessed to receive the oral affects of Howards they frequently think of him while pleasuring themselves with something large due to the fact most Howards are gifted not only with their tongues but below as well.
"I just was in the bathroom and Howard myself off the shower seat!!"
"look how that guy eats his ice cream...I bet he gives good Howard!!"
by Whoelse?Howard! February 5, 2010
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A man who exemplifies every proud and historic archetype of the British gentleman. A hero, who, in the face of certain death, would casually caress his handlebar moustache before stoically climbing into the cockpit of his Spitfire with a tumbler of Scotch - damning Jerry for his most inconvenient timing - and proceed to deliver the jolly-most thrashing to the impending Boche in the name of Queen and Country. Gaw' Bless.
"I say, is that Jerry flying against the wind towards Trafalgar Square?!?!"
"No fear, Tarquin; Howard has slipped the surly bonds of Earth, and is dancing the skies on laughter-slivered wings, before smashing Jerry back to 1914. Two World Wars and One World Cup. Huzzah!"
by oxfordlitely February 6, 2010
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A means of disguising the phrase "I would" when identifying a person who could be deemed as 'shaggable'
"ooo, look at her over there, Howard"

or shouting "Howard" at a good looking person in front of mates to confuse the person but amuse yourself and your friends.
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A nerdy person or someone that is annoying in different ways and usually comes back more than once to bug someone.
Some random guy came up to me trying to make several jokes. He was such a Howard
by Disfunctionalduck January 16, 2019
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