Something a female will tell you to hint that she's on her period
Wyd later ?
I don't feel like doing anything at all I'm cramping

Say no more .
by californiachickkk March 27, 2015
Laughing so hard and so long that your belly begins to ache.
That was so funny man, I was cramping.
by Peachy Paula January 28, 2006
The most shittiest thing any girl can go through.....its shit.
"Oh shit these cramps are killing me"
by cactus.200? January 2, 2017
the cramps are still around and have been since 76!
by LL138 June 21, 2008
a pain that comes from hell and affects girl during that "time of the month" feels a lot like dying.
my cramps were so bad I even fainted
by satanma December 21, 2014
That pain that Satan blesses girls with so he can let them know what hell feels like once a month for a week. It's also the reason every girl wished they were a guy.
"Omg, I hate Cramps! I wish I was a guy!"
by $ammi3 February 15, 2016
A thing that happens when a female has a period.. It hurts like a bitch and makes you feel like shit and feels like someone is hitting you with a fucking baseball bat.. Repeatedly
"I'm going to kill a bitch if these cramps don't go away"
by xrelatablechickx December 1, 2015