A word that Jared Leto uses when he doesnt have a f*cken clue when somethings going to come out, or when he wants to piss off the fans.
The ABL Clip will be out Soon.
by ExaBaybee October 24, 2007
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The most hated word by mcyttwt/dsmptwt.
If someone (preferably a cc) says "soon" they probably mean 4 months to 1 year.
by remsdawn November 10, 2021
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this word is used by famous boyband, 5 Seconds of Summer, as a replacement for not knowing specific dates for something, when being pressured by fans into revealing said information
fan: when’s the album release?
ashton: soon.
by 5sussybakas January 6, 2022
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Joe Peacock: "Part 15 will be up soon!"
by AR October 22, 2004
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The definition in which it may be 4-6 weeks or days counting on what the person is using.

Otherwise there is another soon. the Blizzard "soon" which can be a very LONG time 6-24 months actually.
The Battle.net Tournaments are temporarily unavailable, but will return soon.

Yeah right, more like in 2005
by Somone December 16, 2003
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A standard reply to any question involving any question of time for SOE to do something. This usally means a lot longer than originally intended
I:RPG Beta will be up soon.
by Danny August 25, 2004
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