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(v) The act of shoving everything in a closet and calling it decent.
"I'm cleaning my closet."
"Where are you shoving all your stuff then?"
"My room."
by Mrdddddddddddddddddd December 18, 2005
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

John: bruuhh

Joe: Yo my mom just won million dollars

John: bRuHhh

Joe: my mom made dinner for us
John: bruh
by I eat forks with noodles October 30, 2019
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1.Action that people do when bored.
Involve taking a pile of junk and moving it to somewhere else in the house.

2.Removing all useless part of a whole so that it is better.
1.I did some cleaning. My desk is empty now. But don't look in the wardrobe.

2.And the chief gang told'em that Joe and Mac were now missing.
by Yazuke December 07, 2005
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Action when people are bored and have nothing to do so they clean their room while listening to music
Person 1:I’m was sooooo bored that I even started cleaning my room
Person 2: *gasp*
Person 1: I know right
by Jazzyann February 19, 2020
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Something parents invented to torture their children, and get an easy way to punish them.
Parent: "Go start cleaning your room!"
Child: "No!"
Parent: "Now or you're grounded!"
Child: "No"
Parent: "You're grounded and have double the amount of chores."
by Lynni4669 February 24, 2020
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Haveing fun with ur partner in a sexual manner.
I was cleaning yesterday with Jeremy, and it was on video tape,,,
by Kate Rossow November 23, 2003
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