have a shit -very much like being in labor, complete with "trimesters" and 'pain' (i feel the 'baby' kicking!!)
i was seriously pregnant, and knew i'd better rapidly get to a toilet and give birth!

i was in my third trimester, and having intense labor pains!

i got to a toilet just as the 'baby's' head came out, and then i proceeded to give birth!
by michael foolsley December 31, 2010
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To defecate a volume that one is not accustomed to; the act of voiding feces in masses comparable to a newborn child.
After being constipated for three days, Wesley's trip to the lavatory felt like giving birth.
by Pirut Jaque May 18, 2005
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when a guy needs to shit bad and has poop contractions that are less than 2 minutes apart from each other
by dexter delay February 5, 2003
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To give birth to Pumbaa is to push out a huge log ... to have a shit ... It's big, brown and smelly just like Pumbaa from The Lion King ... think of Pumbaa being born.
by SM_defined August 1, 2020
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to take a shit, curl one off, drop the kids of at the pool etc in reference to the turd like pokemon
dude i gotta give birth to a diglett
by Monk286 May 28, 2009
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To take an huge crap, the kind that makes your legs shake.
Andy: "Hey Bill, you in the toilet?"
Bill: "Yea, Im giving birth to a Marine."
Andy: "I thought I heard you screaming!" "Need some stitches???"
by Frainslug December 5, 2005
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To excrete solid bodily waste; to take a shit. The implication that the average politician is a(greedy, corrupt, duplicitous)piece of shit(which is true, in most cases).
"I'll be right back; I gotta go give birth to a politician."
by Jeff Wagenhals June 15, 2007
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