there your bitch there always there for you
oh hey tommy its your bitch
by detetive pikature May 22, 2019
Thug life moment usually said after something you can't do
"I can't tie my shoes but I can fuck your bitch"
by Holdmymuffin January 5, 2015
"Take your bitch" or T.Y.B is a phrase often said in "the HOOD" by real G's or some little Indian, American kid how looks up to "50 cent". the definition is to take a man's girl often when they are in a fight.
bro i am fitting to Take your bitch Blake said to angle.
by Chase Butorac September 6, 2014
It's like saying to someone "your slip is showing" .....the moment that you see a woman just starting to get irritated or upset....usually jealousy is involved.....
Hey, Babe....I was just getting that girl's phone number in case we ever need a dog the way, your bitch is showing!!
by Debnhim October 26, 2019
A sentence used for a person being bossy who refuses to do anything himself, saying that you are not his personal slave, or "bitch."
Bob: Hey, Jim, mind grabbin me a Coke?
Jim: Okay.
Bob: Hey, get me a box of tissues.
Jim: Uggh, okay, fine.
Bob: Can you get me the remote for the TV?
Jim: Shut up and do it yourself. I'm not your bitch!
by Matjlav August 31, 2006
A response to obnoxious people who demand you to do their crap. They will request something unreasonable or treat you like "their bitch"
Obnoxious "When I tell you to do something You do it." Response "I'm not your bitch"
by Douchebagtwerp March 24, 2011