It's like saying to someone "your slip is showing" .....the moment that you see a woman just starting to get irritated or upset....usually jealousy is involved.....
Hey, Babe....I was just getting that girl's phone number in case we ever need a dog the way, your bitch is showing!!
by Debnhim October 26, 2019
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A sentence used for a person being bossy who refuses to do anything himself, saying that you are not his personal slave, or "bitch."
Bob: Hey, Jim, mind grabbin me a Coke?
Jim: Okay.
Bob: Hey, get me a box of tissues.
Jim: Uggh, okay, fine.
Bob: Can you get me the remote for the TV?
Jim: Shut up and do it yourself. I'm not your bitch!
by Matjlav August 30, 2006
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"Take your bitch" or T.Y.B is a phrase often said in "the HOOD" by real G's or some little Indian, American kid how looks up to "50 cent". the definition is to take a man's girl often when they are in a fight.
bro i am fitting to Take your bitch Blake said to angle.
by Chase Butorac September 05, 2014
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