A savage mutherfucker that will kill you all the girls love him and he has a big dick
by Snshshshshshh November 16, 2017
Sal is your best friend, he’s someone who will always care for you, he can sometimes lose interest but will always bounce back, he loves his friends and always expects the best from them.
Man Sal is great ayy?
by JESTER_WALLUS May 19, 2019
Also known as 'Saul'- he is the savior of man kind, and does wonders when pleasing a woman. His penis size will ranch from 7 1/2 to just short of 9 inches. This 'Successor at life' is also known for his keen artistic abilities , Focusing mainly on Photography, and painting.

His downsides are the lack of appreciation he receives from others, and the overwhelming request for favors.loss of sleep will also age a 'Sal' quicker than most of us, but his maturation is his attractive stand point.
"Sal would you lend me 4 dollars, i need protection"

"How was he"- "Sal was amazing, you should see my broken mattress"

"so your shoe size doesn't lie!"
by cobalt5 April 14, 2009
1)Means prince. One of those sexy hot guys you will only encounter once in your lifetime. Other definitions: sexy manwhore

2)Means prince, king, leader...

Loves to get crunk, has good sence of style, a pimp, all girls want him all guys want to be him, hardcore gangsta that will kick your ass....
1. He's such a Sal...

2)"Hey Sal!!! u r so hot"
by interneuron January 8, 2012
a common name for an attractive Italian boy. Can also stand for Sexy Attractive Lover
Person 1: I hear that guy is great in bed
Person 2: Yea he's such a SAL
by MachineHead25987 February 22, 2010
Sal is a nickname for anyone who losses anything during the night time.
by Alwayne January 25, 2019
(Verb)- To smoke weed, typically from a bong.
"I just picked up 3 g's, you wanna come sal later"
"I'd love to but I've got a job interview at 2:00"
"Next time bro"
by Sinclair Specter April 1, 2017