The man everyone fears on Xbox Live. The master of quickscoping, as well as pwning n00bs' 24/7.
Rhys committed suicide because Time pwned him on COD so frickin hard.
by SlowCheetah December 2, 2011
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Time is simply the way we measure the length of an event.

This is why it is relative, relative to what we are paying attention to. This is why Time Flies when you're having fun/Paying attention to that event.

To be accurate in measuring anything you need not only the length, but the width and height of the form. The three lines intersect to map out any point in our three dimensional universe. These are the many other sides to the sphere of existence and the body of the universe.
Time is relative to the event you are paying attention to. It is the event itself that is important not merely it's measuring tool.
by Grue_Feathermoon January 30, 2018
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Something humans made up to keep track of things
Do you know what time it is? I think I'm late for work!

Do you know what time the movie starts?
by Mang0w0 April 15, 2018
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1.A resulting unit of measurement by calculating an object's motion over its distance traveled between two points(or cycles). Time = movement / distance (or cycles)

3. A standard ocilating speed of an object that humans use for coordinating events.

2. A fictional and fantastical etheral concept popularized by Albert Einstien.

Humans model watches and clocks from the Earth's rotation on its axis as the Sun becomes visible on the morning horizon and fades on the opposite horizon. The Earth and Sun interaction observed from a point on the Earth's surface denotes two main events: a day and a night. In conversation a human could say, "It is night so it is time for bed." Time, as defined above, is motion/distance. The observer is what is in motion and the distance traveled during the day was (depending on location since Earth is tilted) about half the distance around the Earth's surface, because the Earth is rotating around the indicator (the sun is to the hand of a clock).
by Madmortagan July 21, 2008
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A number of digets that tells what part of the day it is, can also be used to make events happen at a given "Time"
What time does the hockey game start? It starts at 7 O'CLOCK
by Matt Cameron April 24, 2003
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