That sex-ed video you see in Middle School or early High School. They make the people as ugly as possible as well, so they can get away with showing you a vagina or a dick in school.
Guys, we gotta see The Movie in second period today! Woooooo!
by Bad_Vlad December 9, 2016
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One of Gods gifts to man. They can make you cry, laugh, horny, tired, excited, scared and more. Without movies this world wouldn't be as good.
Bob: I love movies.
Jim: Me to.
Bob: Let's go watch Road Trip.
Jim: Sounds good.
by Oz January 29, 2005
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Movie spelt with a "y". Movy avoids discrimination against the letter "y".
Steve: "Did you see that movy"
Harry: "Yes, that movy was great"
by janunu March 9, 2016
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An excuse for making out in public, or at a friend's house.
Randy:Shane invited us over to watch Saw II and some other movie. Want to just go to make out on his couch?
Angela: Sure. Shane's such a dumbass anyways.
by IdleWild April 5, 2006
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Ruined by the MPAA.
Example: Any movies in recent years.
by J. Waters July 15, 2006
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used to describe something funny, cool or weird that just happened or was just said, like it was out of a movie.
riley: wanna go to the dance with me ?
kary: no, ew

you: movie💀
by znemadx June 24, 2020
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