That sex-ed video you see in Middle School or early High School. They make the people as ugly as possible as well, so they can get away with showing you a vagina or a dick in school.
Guys, we gotta see The Movie in second period today! Woooooo!
by Bad_Vlad December 9, 2016
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We sat side by side, in a dimly lit room,
As the screen flickered, casting shadows in gloom.
Our hands gently touched, anticipation in the air,
As we embarked on a journey, a story to share.

The movie unfolded, scenes playing before our eyes,
Transporting us to different worlds, to distant skies.
We laughed together at the comedic lines,
And held each other during the intense moments' confines.

Our eyes met, sharing unspoken words,
In the comfort of silence, our connection stirred.
The film became a backdrop to our stolen glances,
As we navigated emotions, taking chances.

The plot twisted and turned, capturing our hearts,
As we discovered characters, their flaws and their arts.
Emotions swelled within us, a rollercoaster ride,
And in that shared experience, our souls were tied.

As the credits rolled, we lingered in our seats,
Relishing the magic, the movie's final feats.
But the true magic, my dear, was being by your side,
Sharing the movie's moments, our love in stride.

For in that shared film, we created memories anew,
A testament to our bond, a love that grew.
So let's cherish that movie, forever in our minds,
A reminder of the magic, that in each other we find.

That Movie...
That Movie... Guess the name!
by Flaming Hearts June 1, 2023
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One of Gods gifts to man. They can make you cry, laugh, horny, tired, excited, scared and more. Without movies this world wouldn't be as good.
Bob: I love movies.
Jim: Me to.
Bob: Let's go watch Road Trip.
Jim: Sounds good.
by Oz January 29, 2005
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An excuse for making out in public, or at a friend's house.
Randy:Shane invited us over to watch Saw II and some other movie. Want to just go to make out on his couch?
Angela: Sure. Shane's such a dumbass anyways.
by IdleWild April 5, 2006
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Movie spelt with a "y". Movy avoids discrimination against the letter "y".
Steve: "Did you see that movy"
Harry: "Yes, that movy was great"
by janunu March 9, 2016
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Ruined by the MPAA.
Example: Any movies in recent years.
by J. Waters July 15, 2006
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