The love we have for each other!!!!

I read all of our posts from an outsider’s perspective… not having an out of body experience along with hearing voices.. I swear😳
Back to where I was going with this… it is astonishing, breathtaking!!! The love we both have for each other… reading the posts you want to be loved like that, you want to love like that ❤️❤️❤️
I am so grateful I get both!!!!
We YOU!!
Until the time I can wrap my arms around and tell you I LOVE YOU!

by Dreams789 March 12, 2023
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Something that passes hella slow when you are in class
How much time until we go home
by What's up I'm bored April 17, 2016
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An artificial construct made by Homo sapiens for the simple reason of understanding the common phenomenon as time. It is going by, faster than you can read this definition. It is infinite, yet precious. Limitless, but should be used to it’s maximum.
by QuiteSeriousDefinitions August 4, 2021
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TIME Time is a condition-dependent concept which is used to measure a deviation or departure (other than a dimension of distance) from an original state. Take, for example, an object, immobile, isolated in space. Experiencing no internal activity and subject to no external influence. For this object, time does not exist. The instant physical movement occurs (measurable, away from an original physical position for any reason), time originates. The clock begins to run. Collision with an object impacting it would, for example, be a good example.
How much time did it take for the ball to get from the pitcher to the batter?
by Definitions on demand April 28, 2022
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was invented by clock companies to sell more clocks.
Albert: Time was invented by clock companies to sell more clocks.
Timothy: Wise words from a wise man.
by the fresh king of bel air June 26, 2023
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I usually have plenty of time before my food spoils, with which to eat it.
by Gaemer May 18, 2018
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what you're wasting just searching the definition in this site
by You wont need to know my name November 2, 2018
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