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1. An imaginary line around which an object spins.

2. A one-dimensional line used in mathematics.

3. The Axis powers, a military alliance of nations that fought the Allies in World War II.

Nations that signed the Tripartite pact were officially part of Axis.

These were:
Founder Axis powers: Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan and the Kingdom of Italy.
Minor Axis powers: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

1. A Planet rotates around its axis.

2. The X-axis on a mathematical graph denotes the horizontal distance.

3. Nazi Germany was part of the Axis powers in World War II.
by Doom032 September 13, 2008
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What they put into video game instead of nazi.
The allies killed all of the axis in the street
by fandangle December 07, 2004
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"We must extricate the Israelis.. from the axis of evil that surrounds them with the foundation of terrorism!! Any questions and Ill be at my ranch." - bush
by TaStic June 10, 2003
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Axis a group of people that will soon rule the world. The Axis will create a utopia. The Axis was conceived in Yulee.The original two were Tye and Justin. The Axis later added Trisha and Jennifer to its ranks. The new world will be beautiful.
person 1:Who is the new up and coming political power?
person 2: The AXIS!!!!
by Demosthenes ,Locke May 15, 2009
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