Rhys is a very kind, sweet boy. He usually likes to play video games and keep himself to himself as he is quite shy, however, when he is with his close friends he shows a different person and can be an incredible friend once you get to know him. Rhys can be sensitive and caring and will listen to your problems, as well as telling you his, though, he prefers to keep his struggles to himself and not open up to most people. Even if there is nothing he can do, Rhys will still listen and worry about you. He is a great friend, and you should cherish him.
He’s super nice, like Rhys.”
by crossfxck October 24, 2018
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Rhys has a monster cock and is the ultimate sex god every girl wants
by Mbappeisthegoat November 22, 2021
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Rhys is the greatest person you will ever meet. He may seem like an over the top pretty boy at first but once you know him well he's the nicest and caring boy you'd ever find. He's a great lover, and a sensitive guy when around his one special girl. He's not always the kindest, but a true friend and fantastic boyfriend. Girls would love to date Rhys, and they all chase after him but when he likes the one girl, he's loyal to her. He's a top mate and a good person in general. To know Rhys is like being besties with jesus, he's perfect, handsome, funny, athletic, hot, caring and wonderful to be around
Girl 1; Wow, I wish my boyfriend was Rhys!!
Girl 2; Lucky for me he is, and i'll never give him up
by Rhysisperfectiontome February 12, 2011
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Rhys is probably the best guy you’ll ever meet. He’s funny, handsome, caring and you would be so lucky to have him in your life. He’s a bit of a trouble maker and gets in a lot of fights, but he only fights if he needs to. If you have a rhys in your life, never let him go. He acts different towards his significant other. Once he’s found them, he never ever lets them go and loves being around them. Rhys sometimes gets sad, and it’s hard to cheer him up. If you can’t cheer him up, leave his partner to do that or leave him alone for a bit. You would be so lucky to have a Rhys in your life.
Girl1:Wow! Rhys is so perfect! I wish he was mine!
Girl2:Well, lucky for me, he is! And since he’s so perfect, I’m never letting him go!
by WoahImADinosaur March 19, 2019
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He’s known for his huge dick And he is very caring and once he loves someone he will do anything to get them, he’s very fit, muscly And again has a really really huge cock. He loves huddling with the ones he loves and he likes a girl that’s fun, pretty and who is a bit of a weirdo (but in a good way). He’s a very good kisser. People think he’s a player when all he wants is that one special girl that means so much to him. Also quite anti social
Lily “You know rhys, he seems really cute and sweet“

Becky “I know right he HAS A HUGE COCK

Lily “Wow thanks for letting me know that”
by Becky Smith February 21, 2020
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Prounounced Reese, like geese with an R, welsh for sheep lover and italian for pizza lover.
Hey Yo! Wanna grab some Pizza with Rhys.
Hey Yo! Wanna bum some sheep with Rhys.
by Slugger17 April 20, 2017
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An amazing and caring guy that would never hurt you but is always afraid he is going to. A gentle giant, sweet, loyal and always there when you need him. I love you so much, Rhys.
Girl 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: That's my Rhys
by ElvenGoth March 22, 2011
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