1.) To begin, to intice.

2.) Used to begin fights, races, sexual intercourse.... you know, it's used to begin just about anything.

Umm, don't you mean "Go?"
by Manawski March 06, 2003
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To begin an argument; saying something you know will lead to a fight
Girlfriend: we don't spend enough time together

Boyfriend: don't start
by crcro September 24, 2011
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n. an approach, a conversation starter, and/or a beginning to a new friendship.
Boy: "I think you look beautiful tonight... your dress is amazing... I'm really diggin' your style..."
Girl: "I like your start."
by ilikeyourstart November 28, 2010
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1. To begin something. (e.g. A Fight)
2. A Ladder, as referenced in Half-Life 1
1.Bro, You Wanna Start?
2.Scientist - "Now Climb Up That Start, The Rotors Should Soon Be Turning."
by Mysterrr November 02, 2018
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