1: Etheral often refers to something being delicate,light or free flowing (often used to describe forms of music such as shoegaze or dreampop
2: Etheral may also refer to Etheral Wave
1: That shoegaze track was really etheral
by altguy October 27, 2015
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a man who has huge muscles loves fishing and has a big heart. loves his truck and his kids.
i am so etheral right now
by notetheral April 16, 2021
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something/someone of such pure beauty that it seems out of this world or heavenly
Brooklyn Gibson David Avram Wyatt is truly etherealz
by etherealwyatt January 21, 2019
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not earthly; heavenly; very light/airy; delicate
The mountains looked ethereal in the early morning light.
by Susan July 9, 2003
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Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
by -Neon- November 24, 2015
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very delicate and light sometimes can seem that it is to perfect for earth/ not earthly. way to good to be on earth from the beauty that is shown. very different ways to roll.
boy #1:wow that girl is so beautiful and ethereal

boy #1:yep that's the word indeed
by Kathleen_0210 (insta acc) fff February 27, 2019
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“hey do you know what ethereal means?”
“yeah the person reading this is ethereal”
by one direction is my favorite December 22, 2020
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