Used in the North of England particularly Liverpool and Merseyside, meaning delighted, happy about something, over the moon!
Though it can also be used as a sarcastic retort.
"When i found out i'd got the job, I was made up!" Or "her face lit up when she opened her present, you could tell she was really made up with it."
The sarcastic retort usage of the term, would be something like, when someone was jealous of someone. The person might say: "Hey i got a date with that fella! and you would reply, "I'm made up for ya!" (when really you were no such thing)
by MerseyMan May 31, 2008
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Can you recommend new music?
Or, have you discovered or made up any new words recently?
by Krkič October 16, 2020
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A characteristic of all words ever.
by FriendofAlice August 6, 2017
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Usually found on urban dictionary
For example tiny winey (check that one out)
Wow look at that carrot made up words
by Men cat man June 24, 2019
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I word that is made up in hopes that noone will find it on Urban Dictionary. Thus, the creator of this definition will use multiple computers to vote thumbs up and in hopes of receiving the most thumbs up versus thumbs down.
by Lightboxes June 19, 2008
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