To describe a person who has gained vast knowledge of people, places & things through many life experiences. Usually an older, wise person who is willing to share his stories with you.
Bob: Hey John, I'm having a problem fixing my 'stang. Any advice? You said one time you had one like mine?
John: Best way to fix it yourself get a Chilton's for its year. If you need a hand, let me know. Yes, had an '87 in midnight black.
Bob: Thanks Time!
by P¥E December 5, 2009
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a girls code word for a really hawt guy
1. Omg. Do we have time on our left?
2. One sec. I gotta go look at the time.
by towelsexcuse January 20, 2011
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Something you need to make your, since you have no chance to survive.
by CyKairus October 1, 2003
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While very important in keeping track of the events that happen during the day, not important enough to pound on that.
by Todd May 18, 2004
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A popular rapper from Denver, Colorado. Time is also in the hip-hop group Calm. He has worked with Kool Keith, C-Rayz Walz and Sole.
Time is a hip-hop artist.
by JMans July 8, 2009
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an imagined reference created by man. can be extended by blocking ones senses. and yes this is true for time is only your own perception and therefore is altered
I was having an orgasm and time ceased to exist
by norbert April 13, 2003
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A system to keep a look on events.
by vermin October 22, 2003
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