A word you have looked up on urban dictionary because you were bored.
I'm going to look up something because I'm bored.....
by Alex_Awesomeness June 9, 2019
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Hey that's something
by Thr6shed December 14, 2017
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I had something today, I swear it wasn’t weed
by Heckman666 June 17, 2020
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Brian: Something is nothing, but nothing is definitely something.
Sam: Boy if you don't get yo...!
by FriedNapkinsOfficial March 31, 2019
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Definition 1:
Something is a type of person who will either give you great gaming advice or send you horrible pictures and talk about their food crimes (ie: microwaved hotdogs).

They are equally amazing and horrible with their gaming knowledge. They may like a certain game named The Binding of Isaac, of which their life is a reference to.
Definition 2:

Something can also mean a direct reference to The Binding of Isaac.
Definition 1:
Guy #1: "Hey, you know that one guy who taught you how to play Subnautica?"
Guy #2: "Yeah, everyone just calls him Something, though."
Guy #1: "They call him what?"
Guy #2: "No, they call him Something."

Definition 2:
Guy #1: "I think that one is named Greed."
Guy #2: "Hey, that's Something."
Guy #1: "Oh, yeah, that is a TBoI reference."
by I-Drink-Liquid-Soap March 17, 2023
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"Something something" means that whatever the person is talking about isn't worth clarifying.
"Why didn't you show up?"
"Something something work."
"Yeah..." -leaves-
by Krammn September 3, 2015
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